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Infusion Biosciences is seeking Joint Venture (JV) partnerships or other similar arrangements (depending on the laws in various jurisdictions) to produce and sell proprietary cannabis products made using Infusion’s patent pending APP.

The JV will produce Bio-Natural Oils (“BNO”) and water-soluble Infuz2O to formulate innovative products that will be manufactured, marketed and sold through the JV’s license in the specified jurisdiction.

Infusion/JV partnerships will be positioned to become industry leaders in their regions. Product development can be performed to produce unique cannabis products from different plant varieties at various growth stages of the plant. Our partners will improve their production economics as they market the world’s first truly water soluble cannabis solution with superior onset, offset, function and potency.

The JV’s will have a competitive advantage with their new market differentiation and will realize superior near-term revenues and operating margin as they leverage the lower capital cost of APP to produce Infuz2O and BNO from trims and waste biomass (fan leaves and other plant materials). Finally the JV’s will capture premium pricing for products with unique water soluble Infuz2O, and strain specific BNO’s.

Feel free to reach out to us regarding partnership if it is of interest to you and you feel you meet the specifications outlined above.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

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