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Infusion Biosciences Inc. is a biotech company focused on discovering and commercializing innovative, science based cannabis technologies.

With Infusion’s breakthrough scientific discovery and technologies, the Company is positioned to be a leader in:

  1. Cannabis beverage/drink industry for recreational and medicinal markets
  2. Pharmaceutical drug development focused on water soluble cannabinoids

We have created and produced two new disruptive and foundational finished cannabis ingredients derived from our patent-pending, Aqueous Phytorecovery Process (“APP”):

  1. Infuz2O – first truly water-soluble cannabis solution to be formulated into beverages/drinks (“Infuz2O”); and,
  2. BIO-NATURAL OIL – cannabinoid oils infused into natural edibles or transdermal delivery while retaining strain specific characteristics (“BNO”)

The development of the APP technology and the creation of our Infuz2O and BIO-NATURAL OIL, is based on 12+ years of R&D on recovery of water soluble phytochemicals from medicinal plants and 25+ years in discovery and development of biotechnology and pharmaceutical drugs.

Team is led by Dr. Arup Sen, CEO

  • 35+ years of experience in research and executive management positions at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including J&J, Biomet, GCC and Tokuyama Soda of Japan and Sandoz/Novartis
  • Former faculty member at the National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, Maryland) and at the Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, California) focused on cancer research
  • Inventor on five (5) US patents and numerous international patents and pending patent applications in the fields of cancer therapeutics, bone repair biologics and devices and diagnostics.
  • Awarded a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Princeton University


Water Solubility

Technology Timeline

Meet Our Team


In the exponential growth industry of cannabis, the focus to date has been on producing cannabinoids only as isolated lipids (oils). The cannabis industry is undergoing significant growth as more countries around the world legalize its use. The technology advancements in the industry have ranged from more efficient cultivations, improvements in methods of extracting oils, and developing formulations of the oils in different delivery systems to enhance their transport into blood.

The science team at Infusion Biosciences (IB) discovered water soluble forms of lipids (oils), including cannabinoids and terpenes, that naturally exist in plants. Using a patent pending process and proprietary reagents made with natural ingredients, IB now produces two unique finished ingredients from cannabis and hemp plants: Infuz2O and Bio-Natural Oil.

Our discovery parallels the history of cholesterol in humans. Before the 1980’s, cholesterol was only measured as an oil in our blood as a marker for heart health. The Nobel Prize winning discovery by Drs. Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein of naturally water soluble forms of cholesterol as low density lipoproteins (LDL/bad cholesterol) and high density lipoproteins (HDL/good cholesterol) in human blood transformed our understanding of how these oils travel through our body and affect cardiovascular health. Many other lipids are now known to exist in water soluble forms in plants and animals.

Infuz2O can be stably formulated into beverages without the use of artificial chemical or physical means to keep the cannabinoids blended in the water base. It also results in a fast onset time of less than 5 minutes, and offset within 90.

Bio-Natural Oil is the only oil produced gently and naturally for edible and skin application which is made up of cannabinoid oil molecules directly infused into one of many natural oils.

Both products retain and deliver the full entourage experience and benefits of the plant variety from which they are made, making them both one-of-a-kind!

Water Solubility

There are 2 main characteristics define it:

A True Water Solution is formed when a “solute” (a gas, solid, or liquid substance) “dissolves” (becomes uniformly incorporated) in a “solvent”.
All parts of a solution have the same ratio of solute and solvent (no phase separation).
Emulsion and Encapsulation Technologies are oil-based delivery systems which are water-compatible, but not water soluble.

Organisms and living cells are best equipped to take up chemicals from a true water solution which allows for immediate effects.
Water solutions do not need processing by the body to render water soluble and bioavailable.
Oil emulsions must be processed by the body in order to render them soluble and bioavailable.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Arup Sen, Ph.DCoFounder & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Sen brings his experience of 35+ years in research and executive management positions at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including negotiating and managing licenses.
Paul MarcellinoCoFounder & Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Marcellino brings the ability to not only see opportunity, but also provide strategic operations leadership and networking domestically and internationally through research, planning, and execution.

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