"The Next Gold Standard In Cannabis"

Commercializing innovative science-based cannabis technology.


Functional Products

Products that meet need states of modern lifestyles

Complete Plant Spectrum

Extracts that are the form and composition of the strain it comes from.


Discovery and development of bio-pharmaceuticals.




Infusion Biosciences has developed a patent-pending technology that we refer to as our Aqueous Phytorecovery Process that extracts high-quality phytonutrients in their complete and proportional profiles.


Infuz₂o is Infusion Biosciences’ natural water-soluble cannabis solution that can be stably formulated into traditional beverages without the use of artificial chemical and/or physical means to keep the cannabinoids dissolved in the water base. 

Bio-Natural Oil (BNO)

Cannabinoid oils that retain strain-specific attributes; such as euphoria in Gorilla Glue strains, and relaxation in Blueberry strains.

About Infusion Biosciences:

Infusion Biosciences Inc. is a biotech company focused on discovering and commercializing innovative, science-based cannabis technologies. This will lead to a paradigm shift by developing functional foods and beverages that incorporate the complete spectrum of the cannabis experience. 

Products with our technology

Kalo - Hemp Infused Seltzers
Complete 100%
RiJuice - CBG gummies & Fresh Fruit Juice with APP
Complete 100%
Nutra - Hemp Wellness Product Line
Complete 100%

Products with our technology

Sproutly- Caliber 2oz. Shot
Work In Progress 75%
Sproutly - Caliber Quick Shot Gummies
Work In Progress 80%
Sproutly - Caliber Quick-Shot RTD
Work-In-Progress 60%

Our Team


Arup Sen , Ph.D.

ChIEf Executive officer

INF_ CharlesShin

Charles Shin



Paul Marcellino

chIEf operatiNG officer


Justin Barragan

Vp, Corporate Development